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McShark Retail Watch App

The Challenge

As the largest Apple Premium Reseller in Austria, with more than 150
employees, the challenge is that every single employee can be reached
quickly and directly.

Goals and achievements must be shared. Marketing campaigns need to
be shared quickly and easily, with no loss of information.
For every employee, all information throughout Austria must be available
at the same time and in the same quality.

Employees should be motivated and trained in a playful way towards
their goals. A platform for everyone with all the essential information.
No mails, no newsletters that are not read, all information on the wrist.


The Approach

The key players were interviewed by us, where the key challenges are.
Many departments at McSHARK need to communicate with the
employee at the POS.
POS vendors, area sales managers, sales support, helpline, marketing,
HR and accounting are actively involved in the communication.
The individual departments have different requirements, but always the
same goal, fast, without loss of information your staff, which are
distributed throughout Austria to reach quickly.

We interviewed all departments and created the user story.
For this, we have created the technical requirements and integrated all
departments in the process. As a result, a perfect picture was drawn of
the achievements which the APP will cover.

McShark Retail Watch App

The Solution

Since it is a product for an Apple Premium Reseller, we have gone the
way of simplicity. The app was built natively, for iOS, WatchOS and for

With a backend for the editorial staff, which can independently attach
information, graphics, documents, and videos, McSHARK can
independently adapt the content at any time.

Technologies that have been used: XCode, Swift, Angular, …..

McShark Retail Watch App

The Results

We are proud to have helped McSHARK achieve significant

Here is a selection of the most important results. Targets that used to be
shared via Excel and mail and up to 50% of employees have not read
them, land directly on the wrist.

Daily goals are calculated in the background and sent to each employee
as the “Close the Ring target” at the start of the day.
It was not possible before, daily goals have not been distributed.
Marketing campaigns are distributed to all employees at the same
minute, with no loss of knowledge. Courses and quizzes on products
and current campaigns are shared. Badges for goals achieved are

Playfully, the employee is helped to achieve his goals and thereby
supplement his salary. Approach to the company through the Apple
Watch increases, the employee also uses the Watch privately and may
take over after 2 years as a gift from McSHARK for his loyalty and

McShark Retail Watch App Results
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