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The Challenge

Car tuning trough chip reprogramming presents a relatively new trend
that until now wasn’t fully explored trough the lack of digital awareness
in the mechanic industry.

Our client, as the most successful car tuner in Germany, wanted to bring
innovation to the niche by digitalizing the process of file transfer, billing
and delivering of tuned files.

We love cars but we didn’t know at the time what is really going on
under the hood so we got to get into the mechanics.


The Approach

After a lot of research about car tuning processes, brands and engines
we started to create the new workflow. The idea was not only to enable
to share the tuned files trough the web aplication but also to include the
billing and certification process so that all operations will be covered.

To ensure a high-performance application we used our snappiest
technology stack and infrastructure based on micro-services.

Regarding the design, we want to incorporate the virtues of
car tuning like turbo performance, boldness, and well-detailed UI.


The Solution

We used the newest Angular Framework version to execute multiple
operations in the same section.

The user interface was designed to be approachable for the regular user
and we also used some visual solutions that associate us with the car
tuning business.

We used multiple microservices to integrate the application to external
systems necessary for the tuning process. Also, we integrated the app
to the client’s billing, invoice and customer relationship management
system to cover the process end-to-end.

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