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The Challenge

After the GDPR regulation, all newsletter customers had to be asked if
they would like to receive newsletters from McSHARK.
To avoid penalties, all customers have been contacted with an opt-out
offer so that everything is legally correct. 90% of newsletter subscribers
did not respond, so only 10% remained in the base.

Moreover, the communication was never in both directions but only
one-sided from McSHARK to the customer.

To accompany a customer in the customer journey requires a new kind
and technology on how to communicate with the customer and how to
reward the customer for his loyalty. Marketing has a high loss of litter,
as well as budget losses with no output.

The Approach

Together with McSHARK, we’ve analyzed the customers, where the
Entry-points are, and how we are currently communicating with clients.
In addition, we have a Target drawn a customer journey as we want to
live with the customers of McSHARK in the future.

We thought about how we can reward, keep, and motivate McSHARK
customers by inventing some feature and collection programs that
motivate a customer. Since the budget was limited, we wrote a
maximum requirement and worked out the most important feature for
MVP. The budget was not exceeded.

Since there are other Apple Premium Resellers that do not have an APP,
the platform has been set up as a white label, which allows McSHARK to
resell their app, reduce sales, and recover their investment.

The Solution

Since it’s a product for an Apple Premium Reseller, we’ve gone the road
of simplicity. The app was developed natively for iOS, WatchOS.

With an editorial backend that can attach information, graphics,
documents, McSHARK points, and an innovative feature, McSHARK can
customize content at any time.
In addition, the Online-Store has been integrated to be able to shop
comfortably from the APP.

The app is constantly expanding, already several APR from Europe use
the APP with their CI as a White Lable product. Technologies used:
XCode, Swift, Angular.


The Results

We are proud to have helped McSHARK make significant improvements
in keeping your customers up to date and providing you with an
individual quote.

Since the introduction of the APP, it has already been downloaded more
than 50,000.

These are customers who show with the app, we are McSHARK
customers and trust the brand. With the McSHARK points, the Clients
are always able to buy new products, with great discounts.

The Store-finder shows that there are fewer requests at the helpline
asking for the address or the way to the store. Direct communication
shows that marketing specifically sends special campaigns to the
customer and that the response rate has increased significantly.

The Online-Store, which is built into the APP, has increased sales by 2%
since the app was integrated.

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