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The Challenge

The procurement of mobile devices has changed massively in recent
years. Due to the development on the market that devices are not
obtained from CAPEX but from OPEX – i.e. DaaS „Device as a Service“,
you need an operating system that manages these devices.

There are now many types of procurement, the most important of
which we cover with LISSA.

As an entrepreneur, the customer must be able to organize his devices
in the lifecycle at any time with one click.

The runtime and the value of the devices are important KPIs.
Swap management for defective devices, international distribution and
collection of devices up to certified deletion must be carried out simply,
clearly and in accordance with GDPR.

An operating system for the complete lifecycle of the devices is
necessary and to develop for Enterprise clients all over the world.


The Approach

Through our experience in telecommunications and as a software
developer and leader in the DaaS environment and in cooperation with
HAAI GmbH in Austria, we have combined all enterprise projects and
customer requirements in LISSA from the last 5 years.

We have used countless projects in the DaaS environment to build the
LISSA architecture so that it can withstand all requirements. Through the
implemented projects, we continuously improve the architecture with
microservices, that allows us to quickly and individually meet customer

All processes that can be found in the company during the lifecycle
should be digitally implemented with LISSA. Through process
optimization and subsequent development, LISSA is always up to date
and can be used for complex requirements.

Lissa Approach

The Solution

Due to the complex requirements, we opted for a clear and user-friendly
platform that can be accessed via a browser.

As in the banking environment, we have put security first.
By connecting professional partners, we are driving international service
forward. Through the platform, the customer can handle his complete
service at any time, in any country.

With one click to a swap device or order for repairs and messages for
the next lifecycle is a small selection of what we cover with LISSA. The
solution saves customers a tremendous amount of time and can work on
all devices in the company in an interdisciplinary manner.

We offer our service managers especially for LISSA customers, who will
help you organize your devices. They take care of repairs, swap devices,
DOA processing and, if necessary, offer first level support for the users
of the devices. A software including service staff from a single source.

Lissa Solution

The Results

LISSA is the operating system for enterprise mobility services.

Due to the international orientation of the platform, we can offer you the
same services for all countries and locations.
Partners that operate international logistics, service partners that offer
local repair and swap management use LISSA for processing.

The regulated processes bring clarity and calm to the implementation in
each country, everyone works on the same principle.
You can implement the procurement of the devices from one country,
with a rental variant and can thus guarantee the same costs per device
in all countries.

With LISSA we organize all devices in the company and keep every
process digitally up to date at all times.

Orderly implementation saves time and money at the end of the day.
The proper marketing of the devices solves the problem of old devices,
so many employees, so many devices in circulation.

LISSA is the operating system for innovative work.

Lissa Results
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