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Zen Framework


The Challenge

Through cooperation between our business partner NOMIK GesmbH and
the Firefighter Organisation from Burgenland, we engaged in the
digitalization of the registration forms between those instances.

NOMIK makes it possible for the Firefighters from Burgenland to enjoy
certain privileges when registering to some of the Magenta products like
mobile tariffs, smartphones and internet packages.
The problem was, that the registration process was difficult to manage
through a lot of paperwork and validation processes, that could take up
to days to be complete.

The Approach

We got to evaluate the whole registration process as well as the
customer journey when choosing the right product.

We intended not just to make the registration more smooth and efficient,
but also to provide the best guidance and service to the firefighters.

The best approach we came up with was to develop an online shop that
would provide best practices when it comes to the buyer’s journey and
combinate it with an innovative registration process that is easy to use
and offers a variety of validation methods.

The Solution

By analyzing the best online shop practices when it comes to offering
smartphones, tariffs and internet products, we extracted a product page
that is clean, precise and easy to use, yet provides all necessary
information for choosing the right product.

We broke down the registration process to 2 phases, so the user will
have a smoother experience through the journey.

Since signing the documentation was a tough one we make additional
effort to find the best solution (since then the signing of the documents
was done by sending it to the customer via the post office).
For this matter, we implemented the international approved online
signing solution DocuSign.

Using there developer sandbox we integrated all documentation with
pre-populated information, so the user only needs to place his online
signature on the document (it takes about 10 seconds). We also make it
possible for more traditional users who want to use the old-style paper
and pen signature, to download the pre-populated forms and sign the
document per hand.

Also, we integrated HubSpot as a CRM system, so that NOMIK can
manage all registrations easily.


The Results

NOMIK now has one of the most innovational online order shops for
mobile phones and tariffs.

The process that took days in the past is now done in about 10min.

Additional to HubSpot we also developed a CMS to make the offers to
the users even more customized.

Since the platform is highly scalable we are continually developing new
solutions to enable another registration process to be handled by this

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