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A1 B2B Shop

The Challenge

A1 Telekom Austria is our biggest client and it’s our privilege to provide
our expertise and E-Commerce know-how to them. The cooperation
started through a maintenance contract for there B2B Web Shop.

After gaining their trust they hired us to work on the further
development of the B2B Webshop.

Their need was to modernize and make the current Webshop more
user-friendly for the customers as well as for the A1 managers.

They want to scale the functionalities of the platform so they can
offer better and more efficient user experience to their customers.

A1 B2B Shop

The Approach

After getting familiar with the Web-shop environment we noticed right
away that there is a lot of room for improvement.

We suggested some changes to the user interface but most of all we
attended to provide new functionalities and analytic tools to make the
Web-shop more profitable in the future. “Time is money” and the
e-commerce business relies on speed and usability of the online stores
as well as a simple and pleasant buying experience.

The Solution

The first thing to do was to make the front-end of the Web-shop
instrumental so that the managers didn’t need to use the complex
back-end but instead make all the needed changes and customer
activations in the user interface of the Shop.

So we managed to transform processes that took hours and even days
to be executed in seconds and minutes. Also, we developed new
functionalities that provide A1 new channels for additional revenue and
better usage of there resources.

After that, we developed the possibility to make and export custom
reports from the Web-Shop so they can optimize there own processes
on the Shop and monitor the achievement of there internal goals in
different departments.

Cimet Solution

The Results

Registrating to the Web-Shop and making purchases is easier than ever
nowadays. There are more streams on revenue for the A1 site so they
can provide new services to there customers.

The customers can now choose between placing the order personally or
letting the A1 sales managers do the job for them through an
innovational order process.

A1 can now recommend a suiting custom shopping list for every
individual customer that is tailored to the customer’s need- to mention
just some of the new features. We are currently working on some new
innovative functionalities as well as a Single-Sign-On implementation.

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